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Facilities Condition Assessment, April 2012 by CH2M Hill

In March of 2012, the District contracted with CH2M Hill, a facilities management and engineering firm, to conduct a detailed and comprehensive Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) of all eight of the District’s facilities.  CH2M Hill completed and delivered their final report in April 2012.

CH2M Hill’s inspection covered the District’s Administration Building, Fire Stations 1 through 6 and 77. These facilities total approximately 37,500 square feet. The consulting engagement was to provide a baseline of the physical condition, a detailed equipment inventory, and computerized report summaries in support of a capital reinvestment plan.  The inspection report was to highlight and escalate any conditions that posed a risk to the safety of the public and/or employees and/or conditions that might affect the facilities ability to service its customers or staff.

01. Exec Summary   05. Equipment Inventories
Executive Summary Report  
Admin Equipment Inventory.pdf
Station 1 Equipment Inventory.pdf
02. FCA Building Reports  
Station 2 Equipment Inventory.pdf
Admin - Summary  
Station 3 Equipment Inventory.pdf
Admin FCA  
Station 4 Equipment Inventory.pdf
Station 1 - Summary.pdf  
Station 5 Equipment Inventory.pdf
Station 1 FCA.pdf  
Station 6 Equipment Inventory.pdf
Station 2 - Summary.pdf  
Station 2 FCA.pdf      
Station 3 - Summary.pdf   06. Appendices
Station 3 FCA.pdf  
Appendix 1 - Building System Definition Codes.pdf
Station 4 - Summary.pdf  
Appendix 2 - Building Condition Age Definitions.pdf
Station 4 FCA.pdf  
Appendix 3 - Prioritization Matrix.pdf
Station 5 - Summary.pdf  
Appendix 4 - Nominal Life Expectancy.pdf
Station 5 FCA.pdf      
Station 6 - Summary.pdf   07. Misc
Station 6 FCA.pdf  
Cover Page.pdf
Station 77 - Summary.pdf  
Table of Contents.pdf
Station 77 FCA.pdf      
03. Cost Detail Reports      
FCA Cost Detail Reports.pdf      
04. Exhibits      
Exhibit A - Property Inventory.pdf      
Exhibit B - 5 Year Forecast.pdf      
Exhibit C - Condition Age & Remaining Life.pdf      
Exhibit D - Reserve Funds.pdf      
Exhibit E - Facility Condition Index (FCI).pdf      
Exhibit F - Repairs Report.pdf