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Plan Review and Design Documents

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District follows the State of California minimum adopted codes of the 2013 family of CA Building Codes which includes the 2013 CA Fire Code, adopted references and standards and all local ordinances of the County of San Mateo, Town of Atherton, City of East Palo Alto.

Plan Review Design Documents

Submittal Process

      1. Submit two complete sets of plans (min scale: 1/8” = 1’)           stamped & wet signed by a licensed / registered design           professional
      2.  A completed plan check application
      3. Review fees (due at time of submittal - varies on submittal type)

Commercial Bldgs (Plan Reviews Required by Fire)

  1. Site/Access Plans (include hydrant location, emergency vehicle access, fire flow (obtained from water department), distance to structure & property line, cover sheet to indicate if building to be sprinklered)
  2. New Construction, Tenant Improvement & Demolition plans
  3. Sprinkler, Fire Alarm & Underground Systems (new & modifications)
  4. Commercial hood and fire protection systems
  5. Generators (exception: natural gas only), LPG tanks & Battery Systems
  6. Any project in which, hazardous materials/systems are to be used
  7. Any project in which, high pile storage is to be used

Residential (Plan Reviews Required by Fire)

  1. All new construction, additions, and remodels.
  2. Site/Access Plans & Subdivisions (include hydrant location, roadway length & width, fire flow (obtained from water department), distance to structure & property line, cover sheet to indicate if home to be sprinklered)
  3. Gates (include dimensions & plans to indicate knox override key switch to be installed)
  4. Sprinkler & Fire Protection Plans
  5. Generators (exception: natural gas only) & LPG tank






2014 Menlo Park Fire District Ordinance
Fee Schedule Effective August 17, 2012
Plan Submittal Process
City of Menlo Park
2014 Menlo Park Ordinance
Ordinance 36b
City of Menlo Park submittals
Forms / Policy
Plan Check Application
Tent Permit Application
High Piled Storage Guideline Plan Review
Fee Waiver Policy
Smoke and CO Certification letter
Fireworks Display
East Palo Alto Sprinkler Ordinance Interpretation
Guidelines / Standards
Automatic Fire Sprinkler (General) Standards
Candle Open Flame Standards
Demolition Requirements
Fire Alarm Installation Guidelines
Fire Department Key Box Installation Guidelines
Helipad Standards
Illuminated Address
Occupant Load Sign Requirements
Private Road & Driveway Guidelines
Public Assemblages and Events
Radio Signal/Communications Efficiency Standards
Traffic Calming Standards
Underground/Private Fire Main Standards
Water Supply/Fire Hydrant Standards
Sandbag Locations
City of Atherton
City of East Palo Alto
County of San Mateo